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"What works for your child is what makes the choice right."

Tales from the Trenches

     March 25, 2018, 7pm

        Deciding the Appropriate Placement 

     May 6, 2018, 7pm 

        ESY: What is it and how to get it?  

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Lunch & Learn Series: 

     January 18, 2018, Register Now                       IEP Team Members and their Roles

     February 21, 2018, Registration Coming         Overcoming the "Hurdle Talk"

     March 12, 2018 Registration Coming               Determining Appropriate School                     Placement 

ASTra is a replicable Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educational Advocacy Program that embodies the mission and vision of Hands & Voices, which is to provide support to families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) without a bias around communication mode, method, and educational setting so that every child who is D/HH has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. ​ASTra content is derived from years of direct advocacy experience working with families in schools, attending advocacy trainings from legal experts, providing trainings, and the Hands & Voices Educational Advocacy Guidebook (©2013)..

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We began as a group of parents and professionals who were seeking change in the Deaf education system in Ohio.  This group worked together to raise interest among family members, audiologists, speech therapists, teachers, early intervention specialists, and other professionals across the state.  In 2009, we were honored to become an official chapter of Hands & Voices.  Since that time we have continued to raise awareness for our cause while increasing our membership, creating family events and supporting parents state-wide. 

Today, Ohio Hands & Voices is a network of parents, family members and professionals with a strong commitment to the deaf and hard of hearing education community.  We serve those who use American Sign Language, spoken English, total communication, cued speech, cochlear implants, hearing aids and/or no hearing technologies from Ohio (and the rest of the nation).  Ohio Hands & Voices is a safe place to explore options, get unbiased support, learn from one another and share common experiences.  We value diversity and honor the role of parents and family as the single greatest factor in raising a well-adjusted, successful child.